2018 Sauvignon Blanc
Napa Valley

From a high-elevation vineyard, this Sauvignon Blanc gets ideal sun exposure during the day and benefits from drastic shifts in temperature in the evening. It’s zesty core and savory tones throughout are heightened by its mineral driven backbone.

Mandarin, Kumquat, Anjou Pear, Lemongrass, Jasmine

2018 Unoaked Chardonnay
Napa Valley

Grown in the heart of sun-drenched Napa Valley, this Unoaked Chardonnay is made to be fresh and clean with bright acidity. Its fresh fruit core balanced by striking minerality is vibrant and racy.

Dried Apricot, Underripe Bosc Pear, Key Lime, Lemon Balm, White Pepper

2018 Chardonnay
Napa Valley

Philosophically we feel that Chardonnay should be expressive in fruit. From the benchlands of Napa Valley, we offer a Chardonnay with vivid notes that linger and balanced by well- integrated oak.

Bartlett Pear, Lemongrass, Citrus, Orange Blossom, Oat straw, Brazil Nut

2018 Rosé of Pinot Noir

Complex and juicy, this refreshing Rosé is abundant in wild red fruits backed by beautiful aromatics. Grown in the cooler region of Carneros, it highlights the brightness of Pinot Noir and the beautiful acidity this famed varietal is known for.

Tart Cherry, Watermelon, Wild Strawberry, Tangerine Pith, Cherry Blossom

2018 Pinot Noir

With its cooling fog and persistent breezes, the soft rolling hills of Carneros are ideal for growing Pinot Noir. Careful consideration is taken in making this small lot wine, with a mindful approach to maintaining its acidity and letting the deep red fruit shine through soft, silky tannins.

Sweet Bing Cherry, Ripe Pomegranate, Hibiscus, Sarsaparilla Root, Cola Nut

2017 Merlot
Napa Valley

From several small lots throughout the Valley, including Stags Leap district and Rutherford, our Napa Valley Merlot is the beautiful balance of rich fruit, chalky tannins and savory notes of herbs. This wine highlights the variations of terroir throughout Napa Valley with its alluvial and rocky soil influence.

Cherry Preserves, Black Currant, Limestone, Marion Berry, Dried Oregano

2017 Cabernet Sauvignon
Napa Valley

This quintessential Cabernet highlights the expressive terroir throughout Napa, a perfect balance of mountain and valley floor fruit. Structured and fleshy, it is complex and fruit driven through the mid-palate with perfectly integrated tannins, nuances of French oak, with distinct minerality and an elegant finish.

Mulberry, Morello Cherry, Blackberry Bramble, Elderflower, Allspice, White pepper

2017 Lucca Red
Napa Valley

A true culmination of Bordeaux varietals, this quintessential Napa Valley blend highlights the expressive terroir in which each is grown. While its dominant force of tannin and grip come from Cabernet Sauvignon, it has an inherent savory and dark fruit component from Petit Verdot, Merlot and Cabernet Franc.

Raspberry Jam, Fresh Bing Cherry, Clove, Mace, Sweet Blueberry

2017 Cabernet Sauvignon
Rutherford, Napa Valley

Rutherford District holds a special place in our hearts for its complex terroir and ideal temperatures. Each vineyard that comprises this beautiful representation experiences nearly perfect weather with lingering morning fog and warm daytime highs. This climate, when coupled with gravel, loam and volcanic deposits, creates a unique Cabernet Sauvignon dense in fruit that is heightened by a quintessential earthiness not found in any other region. An integral part of our Terroir Expression Series, this Cabernet is rich, dusty and backed by sinewy structured tannins.

Morello Cherry, Lingonberry, Sweet Clove, Tamarind, Thai Basil, Rutherford Dust

2017 Cabernet Sauvignon
Stags Leap District, Napa Valley

Classic Stags Leap, this Cabernet is fruit-forward and rich, backed well-integrated tannins From a collection of tiny vineyard blocks encompassing several row orientations and slopes, all carefully planted for optimal sun exposure, in soil that is composed of ancient volcanic alluvial runoff. This classic Stags Leap District Cabernet Sauvignon from our Terroir Expression Series highlights the bright fruits, fervent tannins, and graceful mouthfeel this region is known for.

Elderberry, Pomegranate molasses, Bing Cherry, Dark Cacao Nib, Sweet Violet

2016 Melange du Baum
Stags Leap District, Napa Valley

Terroir shapes a wine, much like rugged terrain can shape a cyclist. Our Melange du Baum, Courtney’s inaugural wine in his Terroir Expression Series, is a tribute to the love of his bicycle and Bordeaux wines. Merlot and Cabernet, two counterparts in both fruit and structure, merge to create a heightened sense of clarity. This blend is a culmination of contrasting varietals, offering classic Stags Leap fruit with the expected supple nature of Merlot backed by the power and grace of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Blackberry, Plum, Cedar, Dark Chocolate, Spice box, Fresh Cut Leather, Vanilla